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Canadian Medical Association and Canadian Nurses Association Codes of Ethics: Summary of Research Ethics Statements.pdf
Excerpts from the CMA and CNA Codes of Ethics which refer to research ethics.

CPIP: Summary of Research Ethics Statements.pdf
Excerpts from the Canadian Pandemic Influenza Plan which refer to research ethics in a pandemic.

Ethics of medical research in developing countries: the role of international codes of conduct.pdf
Hutton JL. Statistical Methods in Medical Research 2000; 9:185-206.

2008 Best practices for repositories: collection, storage, retrieval and distribution of biological materials for research.pdf
Pitt KE ed. Cell Preservation Technology 2008; 6(1).

Data sharing and intellectual property in a genomic epidemiology network: policies for large-scale research collaboration.pdf
Chokshi DA, Parker M, Kwiatkowski DP. Bulletin of the World Health Organization 2006; 84:382-387.

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