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Clinical review: Allocating ventilators during large-scale disasters–problems, planning, and process.pdf
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Capacity of Thailand to Contain an Emerging Influenza Pandemic.pdf
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Ethics in a Pandemic: A Survey of the State Pandemic Influenza Plans.pdf
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Definitive Care for the Critically Ill During a Disaster: A Framework for Allocation of Scarce Resources in Mass Critical Care.pdf
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Influenza pandemic planning for cancer patients.pdf
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Priority setting for pandemic influenza: an analysis of national preparedness plans.pdf
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SARS and hospital priority setting: a qualitative case study and evaluation.pdf
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Development of a triage protocol for critical care during an influenza pandemic.pdf
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Social justice and pandemic influenza planning: the role of communication strategies.pdf
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Prioritization strategies for pandemic influenza vaccine in 27 countries of the European Union and the global health security action group: a review.pdf
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Physicians' perceptions and attitudes regarding inappropriate admissions and resource allocation in the intensive care setting.pdf
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