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Below are the rulings of May 7, 2009 from the Ontario Court of Appeals detailing the province's responsibility towards health care workers who fell ill from SARS while on duty.

Abarquez v. Ontario.pdf
2009 ONCA 374.

Henry Estate v. The Scarborough Hospital.pdf
2009 ONCA 375.

Jamal Estate v. The Scarborough Hospital.pdf
2009 ONCA 376.

Laroza Estate v. Ontario.pdf
2009 ONCA 373.

Williams v. Ontario.pdf
2009 ONCA 378.

Relevant legal literature:

The legal duty of physicians and hospitals to provide emergency care.pdf
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Letters to the editor: Legal duty to protect the public.pdf
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Legal risks and responsibilities of physicians in the AIDS epidemic.pdf
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Professional Obligations in the Face of Risks to Personal Health.pdf
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