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The CanPREP research program is structured to build capacity in ethics and policy related to pandemic preparedness through a networked collaboratory approach to team building and the conduct of research. The team is designed to optimize interactions among investigators, trainees, and collaborators, most of whom are end-users of health research.

The core of the research program consists of thematic working groups, each of which consists of an academic leader with a proven track record in: 1) mentoring and training graduate students; 2) policy making contexts, and; 3) interdisciplinary research expertise. The thematic working group leaders will facilitate the interactions between co-investigators, collaborators, and trainees. (See Figure 1 below.) This type of research structure would not be possible in the absence of Team Grant funding.

Figure 1 - CanPREP Conceptual Framework (Click to enlarge)
CanPREP Conceptual Framework

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